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This is the saga of TSA and the Siberia Gym. Web Design history, frustration, and a few side trips. TSA is no expert, but he tries hard at web design.

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11/3/2002    Beginning to see why people hire this done. Doing on your own, okay one or two pages or 3 or 4 no problem. But when you starting making things bigger. Well it gets hard. Okay, may be if we were not in the middle of Siberia it would be easier?

11/2/2002    Okay, first is it my mistake. Check file manager on the sever, I screwed up again. They are using html as file ending not htm!!!!!!!!!! Shit, easy to fix but I am ready to give up.

11/1/2002     Okay, where are these guys located. Jump to the internet, research okay. The server is in Hong Kong, customer service in Bulgaria? No way! Okay so you only pay $50 per year, may be this is true?

10/31/2002    404 okay so what lets contact the host. Dear host what the hell is the matter with you. My missing page will not load. I get back message dear sor, we do not know what the problem is? Please give more inormation. Okay, are these maroons trying to insult me, "dear sor"," information"?

10/30/2002    404 continues. So the host says page name "404" is missing. Okay easy just make page missing. Does load? once, twice, three times, I going fire someone, four, still will not go. Okay what in the hell is going on here?

10/29/2002    Okay well pissed at the web is the same as Pissed at the web. Notice the major difference between the two, yes the "p" versus "P". Single right, except front page will not let me use the capital "P" in the title now. 5 hours of trying to do no luck. Okay, drop back and punt, make the no page found "404", the same as the site. Easy right?

10/28/2002    Okay, pulled the all time stupid web design goof up. Changed names of several pages to optimize them. Minor fact, the search engine has your old name. So search engine sends them to the old page name!!! No the no page found has been 7.5% for the last month.

10/27/2002    Went looking for the guy who I talked to in the bar. One of our Russian guys said what he said was that I was an idiot if I thought a site named Siberia Gym would ever be successful.

10/26/2002    Saturday here and a good day because it is quiet here. A good day to work on web design. Okay, what do we do now to boost visits? I asked this guy in the bar last night what he thought. Unfortunately I had no clue what he was saying in Russian, but it sounded good.


10/25/2002    How come nobody ever sends us an email?

10/24/2002    Well the goal for the month is 1000 visits. Average per day is slowly creeping up. Getting more and more hits via Yahoo, which of course don't understand? A sudden surge of people who like Yahoo looking for pictures of Siberia?

10/23/2002    Their are certain disadvantages form working on this stuff from Siberia. Number 1, transfer rates of less than 1000 kb per second. We have even seen 10 kb per second. That is why we love it when people send us files that are 1 MB. We are in Siberia not New York City or even Moscow you idiots.

10/22/2002    Still got 11 not found "404"  but think most is page name changes? Same old moral of the story, it ain't as easy as it looks running a site.


10/21/2002    Being cheap need a solution so found a free download of linking checking software, no more 404. Front page did not catch these broken links!

10/20/2002    We are cheap, especially with this site. Have been getting "404" reports about 10 per day. Some of this is because we change page names. Yes, stupid but did not know any better at the time. But found out that had files that referenced sites that never existed, our computer. Seems when copied a file it listed location as our computer we worked on?


10/19/2002    Last update before publishing again. Thought of the day, how in the hell did we get to be number one for search Siberia Pictures? Skill it wasn't but I suspect we are the only web design in the category that used software to optimize the web design?

10/18/2002    This article on web design we have read about five times now. Point keep it simple stupid!

10/17/2002    Not much to do with the web design but got hit by the I worm virus. It hid in temporary internet files and the Kaspersky did not clean the files. Took a couple of hours to get them off. Hate things you can not fix by hitting them.

10/16/2002    Well no google bot for almost two months. Yes it hit on August 14 from the records. Need it to hit America Russia News pages.

10/15/2002    Things are back to normal. Getting most hits from Siberia Pictures. Which of course was not the idea. Actually cut the picture page for a couple of days last week. So you can tell we have a well thought out plan, our web design. Our most popular page for searching  but we cut for a few days!!!!

10/14/2002    Kinda lost today, normally takes a few days to recover from a banya night. Came up with lots of new ideas at the banya for the  web design, but can not remember any of them.

10/13/2002    Okay number 1, what are we getting out of it? Success is golden no matter what it is. and hey we really can use this for a pick up line. Our site is number 1  in a Google search. I mean how many people can say that? I mean we are web design experts now?

10/12/2002    Okay this is really getting scary. Go to Google and search for Siberia pictures. Guess who is number one? Us in the middle of no where!!!! Party time at the banya.

10/11/2002    Well this is getting scary. A week day and number of visits almost 40. Something is working and it looks like it is Google.

10/10/2002    Okay made it back to Russia. And yes a record, through Passport Control in under 5 minutes. They have made lines to stand in. And last but not least "free candy" while standing in line.

10/9/2002    At the airport in Larnaca typing this. This is the pits leaving here. Buy some hats so I can afford to come back here soon.  Just can not wait to get back to web design, not!

10/8/2002    Okay, got to go back tomorrow, not too excited. Snow on the ground and below freezing in Siberia. But you got to earn money so you take these trips. May be I should rob a bank? I don't think my web design work is going to make me rich?

10/7/2002    Well the got to update the site. But hell with it. I mean why sit behind a computer when you are on a break!

10/6/2002     The hell with the site, a beautiful day in Cyprus and on the Beach. 95 degrees water 85 degrees. And the site has given me a great pick up line, just tell the women I am an International Internet Business Man. Give the site address, dam it impresses them.

10/5/2002    Okay things are going Wacko. Getting over 20 visits a day and listed with Google and may be Yahoo? How with Yahoo? Google back on August 14th?

10/4/2002    If in Cyprus go to the Bedrock Inn. A Karaoke bar with a Flintstones theme, how can you beat that? Fell down there drunk last night. Convinced them I was a big International Internet business man. They picked me up and said the drinks are on the house if I give them a plug.

10/3/2002    Brain cells are functioning. Guess what everyone just wants to look at pictures of Siberia. That is the Google search they are finding us with! Got some weird people in the world or else the rest of the site is shit.

10/2/2002    The hell with the web site. Found a bunch of girls, well actually women, from Germany this time. I love Cyprus for its cultural diversity.


10/1/2002    Woke up on the beach this morning no idea how I got there. But that is what I love about Cyprus, I still had my wallet. Nobody stole it!

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