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Siberia Gym History How and Why we got here!

The Gym

Check out our gym pictures and pictures of gym equipment. Most of the gym equipment was made in Siberia or was surplus. Okay the treadmill and Nordic track were bought new. But other gym equipment, squat rack, Olympic weight set, punching bag and other items were made here in Siberia. Even used Siberia sand in a plastic bag wrapped in plastic coated canvas to make the punching bag.

The place was not even insulated in the early days. Yes, at times -40 outside -10 inside and we still worked out. Somebody finally thought not very energy efficient is it to have a metal building with no insulation. So we found some slave labor, the german, and put him to the task.

We take pride that our wild welders and craftsman could make this place out of scraps. Amazing what you can do when you are motivated by boredom, fear, and bugs.

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gymSiberia Made Squat RackgymgymCast Dumbbells, we had about 20 but time took their toll they fell apart.

gymMade in Siberia, from plate steel,


The Reindeer Store

We will survive the bugs. Well we have to, we need to be carriers for their eggs, ugh! Well thank god for the Siberia Plutonium Bug Zapper. Look at the history of the Gym to see how it was developed.

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