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Reindeer Gallery features Siberia Native People's reindeer. Reindeer are the primary food sources for Nenets. Some Nenets live in forests all year around other migrate with their reindeer. Migration is to the Yamal Peninsula. There area is where the animals give birth. There are almost no insects by the sea, an important fact. Insects are a primary reason for the migration. In the forest smoke has to be used to control the insects. Photographs are from Ravna Foto. Mr. Ravna has many pictures on his site from Russia and Lapland. His site is the best we have found for this type of photographs.

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reindeer, reindeer pictures
Baby, available as poster, card, mousepad
reindeer, reindeer pictures
Fenced Herd
reindeer, reindeer pictures
reindeer, reindeer picture
Mother and Baby
Bulls in velvet, available as poster, card, mousepad
reindeer, reindeer picture
By the Sea, available as poster, card, mousepad
reindeer, reindeer pictures
reindeer, reindeer pictures
reindeer, reindeer pictures
On the Move
reindeer, reindeer pictures
reindeer, reindeer pictures
Harnessed for Sleigh
reindeer, reindeer pictures
White Reindeer
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