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 Siberia pictures show the beautiful Siberia. These Siberia Pictures are from Arctic Photo. They show the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis over Yamal Peninsula.

Here are other sites that we have looked at. Norway site gives the best technical information and most complete. The Finish site has the most interesting images. The photographer is a professional and the pictures are unusual and high quality.

Unfortunately in the Siberia Gym area we have only seen the lights once. If you find any interesting sites let us know.

Best Northern Lights  Aurora Borealis pictures are on this Finish Site, Polar Image.

Other Northern Lights sites are Michigan Tech Site.

Most complete site for Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis is a Norway Site.

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  Siberia Pictures from Arctic Photo Northern Lights Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights over Yamal

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northern lights, aurora borealis, siberia pictures  northern lights, aurora borealis, siberia picturesnorthern lights, aurora borealis

 northern lights, aurora borealis  northern lights, aurora borrealis, siberia picturesnorthern lights, aurora borealis


northern lights, aurora borealis

Area Tundra Nenets and

Forest Nenets/Khanty. Green Area Tundra Nenets


The Yamal Peninsula is the area with the red line, Tundra Nenets summer migration. The Migration occurs in early spring and the reindeer give birth along the sea. The conditions are much better than in land.

This site Smithsonian Institute give a good description of Reindeer and Caribou the difference.

This Dartmouth College site goes into great detail, actual reindeer and caribou management.

Another good site about reindeer in Northern Scandinavia and Russia gives a short description of Sami and reindeer.